2013 EGM Minutes

North Middlesex CC
20th March 2013

Present: Steve Parr, Ed Bailey, Chris Brooks, Simon Clarke, Aymon Spee, Hugh Evans, Andy Pacey, Anthony Jagan, Ken Runciman, Jeet Bazak, Aiden Norris, Adrian Birchall .

1) Match Subs - Subs for 2013 were agreed at 12 for home and away weekend matches (6 concessions). Subs for midweek games to be confirmed once costs are finalised.

2) Match Balls - It was agreed to continue with the practice of using two match balls per game, subject to cost and opposition agreement. Regarding cost, Jeet agreed to research potential bargain balls and report back via Hugh Evans.

3) Kit - Chris Brooks reported that we now have three decent sets of pads, keepers gloves, new scorebook, bowlers markers and bails and the new 10 bats. Total spend 100. Oh, and a new kit bag to put it all in.

4) Chairman - Following the resignation of Stuart Drysdale, and with Adrian Birchall declining a nomination, Simon Clarke was unanimously elected as Chairman.

5) Committee Cover - Chris Brooks to provide cover for treasurer Ed Bailey (match fee collection). Aymon Spee to deputise for Hugh Evans (availability tool). Martin Pirongs will deputise for Ken Runciman re fixtures.

6) Selection - Selection policy was discussed and in addition to the previously agreed policy, it was reiterated that Committee members would get first call and that consideration would also be given to a) subs having been paid b)preseason net attendance and c) midweek nets attendance.

7) Hugh's Tool - Hugh Evans gave guidelines for using the arrangemygame availability software:

Avoid giving availability for more than three weeks in advance.

Remember to specify when NOT available to avoid follow up emails and calls.

Android and iPhone apps are now available for the tool.

9) Getting Kit to Home Games - Match Secretary to nominate a player for each home match (including midweek games) to take responsibility for ensuring the kit is picked up from the Tavern. Non drivers to liaise with drivers and help with the lugging of kit.

10) Skipper's Notes - Steve Parr spoke about the success of winter nets, saying that a good "buzz" had been created. Turnout has been consistently good, and the coaching net generally well received. He thanked Simon for his part in organising winter nets and hoped that in-season nets will also be better attended.

Minutes taken by Ken Runciman, written up by Simon Clarke