2001 AGM Minutes

Railway Tavern
25th June 2001

Present: Adrian Birchill,Alex Woodcraft,Simon Clarke,Ces,Dave Winskill,Dave Terry,Phil Clarke,Steve Parr,George GCHQ,Fred,Tony O'connor (late)

Apologies: Martin Denniss, Richard Williams, Tony Carney, The Chinese, Stuart Drysdale (presumed)

Denials: Cash Babic

1) The beers and Red Bull were got in (eventually)

2) The question of whether we were quorate arose (only 10 members present).It was agreed that there were issues that needed discussing and initiating but any 'club policy' decisions would be left until another meeting later in the year.

3) The minutes of the 2000 AGM were approved unanimously.


The following fine specimens were listed: Pete Board Andrew Goddard Bim Patel Mark Hoskin Ewood Grobbler Matt Dalton Jeff Quirk Simon Coppen. It was pointed out that some of the aforementioned might be members already but in any event they were proposed by Mr Birchill and seconded by Mr Woodcraft except Jeff Quirk who was initially forgotten about, but a combination of Mr Woodcraft and Mr S Clarke ensured his safe passage into the club.


The Captain, showing signs of amnesia, struggled to recall many details of the previous season. He remembered a tour, a good victory against Old Reps and the old problem of scoring runs, citing the 34 all out v Walthamstow Horizontals as a case in point. He praised the Reillys (no,really) for their club record 171 stand v Haringey Libraries and also complimented the Cricket Conference for throwing up some really good fixtures (Coopers,Bengeo and The Roving Reporters).He reported a decent start to the season with victories against The Touring Theatres,Langham and George Orwell.At this point Ces asked for advice on facing the Horizontals demon bowler Roger,but skip thought a discussion nearer the fixture more in order.

Mr S Clarke confessed to being 'pressed for time' but admitted that E Mail made the job slightly easier. He reported that we had a healthy squad (second opinion to be sought) but that this may lead to selection problems.He stated the importance of members contacting him not the other way around. Mr Woodcraft, noting that Ces was not on the E Mail list, offered to 'sort the President out'. With regards to club shirts, some forms had been filled out but no money collected.

Mr Winskill's opening gambit concerned the shelf life of certain opposition but agreed that the Cricket Conference was working well.In an act of selflessness he then apologised for the freak early season weather.He restated the need to 'hand the baton on' in terms of next seasons fixture list. he closed by reporting a small profit on the polo shirts (50 with 5 left to sell).

Tony O'Connor started with a thinly veiled swipe at his predecessors accounting, however this was just a smoke-screen to disguise the 'whacking great loss' (362). This was down to poor net records, no Bass donation, holding the price of Subs, and only breaking even on the dinner (unless Andy James has been funding his holidays from the club-Tony to check).But just as the gloom descended on the meeting Mr O'Connor played his trump card. Apparently nets had been paid for twice so there was 264 to come back!

After eyed were dried Tony proposed that the accounts should be revisited later in the season as he was experiencing difficulty making a budget proposal. Mr Birchill offered to provide a model, but our funds don't even stretch to a Tiller Girl. It was agreed that the key to the finances is improved record keeping. The Captain raised the issue of assistant treasurers and was assured that Messrs Woodcraft,P Clarke and Parr still performed that duty. Fred left at this point.Mr Winskill offered praise to the treasurer,stating the loss was not as bad as it seemed on paper. The 20th Anniversary day broke even.

Mr S Clarke was asked to make a list of active members. P Clarke dived for his cheque book and promptly demanded a fixture card.The meeting was reminded that non playing members subs were 5. The Captain proposed that Subs were collected pre match (universally agreed).

Finally the report was approved and Mr Winskill offered a huge vote of thanks to Mrs O'Connor for her catering services on the 20th Anniversary day.

George offered a vote of thanks to Mrs Birchill for no apparent reason, though it was probably something to do with Alison.


The current committee were all willing to stand again. No other contenders were nominated. P Clarke proposed, Mr Birchill seconded. Mr Winskill stated that new blood on the committee next season was a priority. Mark Hoskin arrived and was promptly charged 15.

7) The beers were got in.


There are no problems with the current fixture list except the Oxford tour.At present we only have the Sunday game organised. Furthermore no plans have been made for accommodation. S Clarke suggested a deadline for squad accomodation, any members missing the deadline must 'fend for themselves'.It was agreed that Simon would E Mail or contact club members, giving them until 2/7 to reply and 4/7 to pay deposits OR ELSE! He agreed to contact the Sportsview guest house. If the tour went tits up we would just go for the Sunday game.


Marie has offered the chance of a fundraising evening in the tavern, but again-who to run it? Mr Parr was skeptical re numbers attending. It was agreed to try an end of season bash (poss 29th September)-Mr Winskill to E Mail round in August after discussing a format with Ces.

The skip suggested an afternoon bash to relieve the cold turkey of no cricket. Mr Woodcraft suggested a cold turkey buffet.

The Domino Cards are doing well.


George recommended holding it at Christmas.It was agreed to hold it at the same place (N London) with the same caterers. Mr Woodcraft recollected last years teenage gravy-giver.

12) AOB

Mr Woodcraft mentioned the difficulty of getting 11 taverners for Friday nights.The club empowered him to call in 'ringers' if necessary to fulfill the fixtures.It was agreed that these 'guests' should pay 3 rather that 6 (Mr Woodcraft to use his fine powers of discretion).George stated a preference for getting INTO ringers.

P Clarke asked about the lack of showers after the Hampstead Heath game. Mr Winskill took a moment to reply as he was distracted by a large breasted pool player (female) but said that the Parks had apologised and refunded the dosh.

Ces mentioned the lack of showers last Sunday-Mr Winskill agreed to investigate.

Mr O'connor agreed to look into basic personal insurance. Mr Woodcraft reminded the meeting of Mr Drysdale's injury last year and that he could have needed plastic surgery. Mr Parr stated that that was still a possibility.

Mr O'Connor asked where the club was going. Mr Winskill's confusing reply was 'buoyant'.

Mr O'Connor then praised Bim's enthusiasm. Mr Woodcraft praised Bim's snacks. George recalled the golden years of Mr Williams' teas. Mr Woodcraft offered to make a cake which Mr Winskill thought we could guess the weight of. Skip suggested guessing the weight of the Taverner. Mr Birchill compared us to the WI (women's institute NOT the West Indies).

Mr Winskill closed the meeting with a toast to Lino's new life in Canada and to John Lee Hooker. Not the first time he's held something aloft to a hooker.

Dave Terry