2002 AGM Minutes

Railway Tavern
Tuesday 29th June 2002

Present: Adrian Birchall, Alex Woodcraft, Simon Clarke, Andy James, John Simpson, Dave Terry, Phil Clarke, Tony O'Connor, Martin Denniss, Matthew Clarke, Andrew Goddard, Richard Williams.

Apologies: Cash Babic, Stuart Drysdale, John Simpson, Cie Malde, Mark Bench

1) The beers were got in.

2) John Simpson arrived to a ripple of applause.

3) The minutes of the 2001 AGM, which had been taken by DT, were approved unanimously. AW said they had amused his parents. AB pointed out that his name had been misspelt. RW said they were informative and amusing.

4) NEW MEMBERS: The following were approved: Mark Redhead, Liam Jolly, Dave Donovan and Gordon Harcourt.

5) The beers were got in

6) TREASURER'S REPORT Tony O'Connor reported a balance of 342.68. There had been no contribution from Bass. Thought subs should remain the same ie home 8, away 6, Fridays 6, annual 15, social membership 5. 720 taken in subs during year. MD expressed disappointment that no pie charts had been forthcoming.

7) SECRETARY'S REPORT SC said email had made a difference. New talent looked promising. RTCC website was expanding.

8) CAPTAIN'S REPORT DT said we deserved a winning season. General all-round improvement. Key moments went our way. Lots of enthusiasm. Highlights were game against Rose & Crown, Bim's mob and Walthamstow. Good opening stands between Cie and Simon. Benchy will be missed. Disappointing nets turn-out.

9) The beers were got in.

10) COMMITTEE MEMBERS David Winskill submitted a letter resigning as chairman and fixtures secretary. PC voted in as chairman. RW voted in as fixtures secretary. PC expressed the wish to sleep a lot and travel. TO said AW had done good work arranging Friday games. AJ suggested buying DW a tankard. MD said Cie was still smoking in the slips.

11) FIXTURES DW's final fixture list was submitted. General discussion. SC was on the case viv a vis Oxford tour.

12) NETS TO pointed out that breakeven point was 13 people showing up each session. One day only three turned up. Nets showed a loss of 362.

13) The beers were got in.

14) AOB Scratch and domino cards were discussed. PC wanted us to learn from the Byfield incident. MC suggested a whip-round for Cie's lipo-suction. JS said kit need sorting. DT said we had more kitbags than kit. PC suggested that some more beers were got in.

Richard Williams