2003 AGM Minutes

Railway Tavern
Tuesday 25th March 2003

Present: Adrian Birchall, Phil Clarke, Simon Clarke, Stuart Drysdale, Tony O'Connor, Steve Parr, Paul Stocker, John Simpson, Dave Terry, Richard Williams, Alex Woodcraft

Apologies: Cash Babic, Pete Board, Gordon Harcourt, David Winskill

1) The beers were got in.

2) The minutes of the 2002 AGM were approved unanimously with one amendment - Michael Clarke should read Matthew Clark. Steve Parr sought clarification on what constituted a 'ripple' of applause.

3) The following new members were approved: Brin, Howard Lancaster, Ethan Lazelle, Paul Stocker.

4) Chairman's report

Phil Clark (hereinafter PC) welcomed everybody to the 22nd AGM of the RTCC. He said that he had enjoyed the cricket and the people although he hadn't been available much. He had a good feeling about the club. The fact that members, who had been away, returned to it was a testament to the club. He thanked Simon for his good offices.

5) Secretary's report

SC reported that 39 people turned out and that 14 played nine or more games. Muswell and Gordon had played a good deal. There was a large pool of players. Nearly everyone was contactable via email. The beginning and end-of-season games were oversubscribed, mid-season games undersubscribed. AW endorsed this. After five years as match sec, SC wished to resign. AW said that Friday games had gone well and that he was happy to continue in his role as Friday match secretary.

6) Treasurer's report

TO submitted the club accounts. He reported a loss of ?27 as against a profit of ?69 the year before. Subscription income was down a bit and nets made a loss. Not much was spent on kit. He considered that the Club was "bumping along nicely" and that there was no need to increase match fees. He reminded the meeting that those who played twice over a weekend got half-price the second game. Annual membership was cheap at ?15. DT said that the cost of nets had risen since they were 'privatised'. SC said we should try some fund-raising ideas. TO said the kit needed replenishing. The accounts were accepted. DT was actioned to buy two new bats at ?40 each and Peter Board asked to buy wicket-keeping gloves for ?50. AB called for everybody to pay their annual membership fees of ?15.

7) The beers were got in.

8) Captain's report

DT said that the Club played competitive cricket in 2002 because we were playing teams of similar ability. There was lots of confidence and the catching was much better - a sign that we were moving forward. Highlights were Cie's bowling (which included a hat-trick), Peter's wicket-keeping and Cec's 100th wicket. DT's targets this season were to beat Whytham on tour, retain the Ashes and not to go to so many aways with eight or nine players. He noted that turnout at nets had been high and that this had been beneficial. DT was thanked for his skippership.

9) Fixture list 2003

General discussion. Richard Williams said that North London had been hard to pin down and he had been unable to extract hoped-for pitch commitments. SC thought that one or two extra midweek games might turn up.

10) Club officers

The chairman said that Simon Clarke and Tony O'Connor were standing down. In an attempt to encourage a new treasurer to come forward, TO said that the job was a "piece of piss". Adrian Birchall choked on his beer. Stuart Drysdale was voted in as treasurer with the power to appoint assistants and deputies. Steve Parr and Paul Stocker were voted in as joint match secretaries. SC undertook to continue upkeep of the RTCC website. DT undertook to be scorebook maestro.

11) The beers were got in

12) Fund-raising

Domino cards were discussed and SC said he would check it out. The skipper suggested that everybody approach their companies for ?50 in return for their name on the RTCC website or fixture card (for instance). SC would investigate possible link-ups with Amazon, ebay, and assorted porn sites. Web possibilities were discussed and DT invited SC to email everyone, everywhere. Finally the Taverners started to get in touch with their feminine side with talk of shirts, sweaters, trousers and caps.

13) AOB

It was revealed that Patrick won the fantasy cricket with Mr Jollie running-up. As is traditional at AGMs, Tony O'Connor raised the subject of insurance and someone (this year Mus) said that he would look into it. At which point the President rose (unassisted) from his seat, bade his farewells and headed (unassisted) for the exit, to a ripple of applause. AB asked whether there was a master list of emails. He pointed out that there were quite a few redundant names on the list that he last saw. SC thought that there should be more team photos on the pub wall, especially up-to-date ones. There was a vote of thanks to retiring officers Simon and Tony. The chairman looked forward to seeing everyone during the course of the season - except when he was on honeymoon.

Richard Williams