2006 AGM Minutes

Three Compasses
7th April 2006

Present: Adrian Birchall, Phil Clarke, Simon Clarke, Andy Goddard, Tony O’Connor, Stuart Drysdale, Andy James, Andy Pacey, Steve Parr, Dave Terry, Richard Williams, Matthew Clark

Apologies: Ces, Pete Board, Ed Bailey, Paul Stocker, Martin Denniss, Gordon Harcourt

Semi-apology: Howard Lancaster

1) The beers were got in

2) Approval of 2005 minutes. These were not present. Everyone had a vague recollection of reading them last year. No issues arose so we moved on.

3) Chairman's report

Phil commented on the clubs swinging fortunes. He felt that we've had some lean years and occasionally struggled for players but we were still a strong club and enjoyable to play for. He stated a desire to stand down as he couldn't find the time to fulfil the Chairman's duties. Phil also offered thanks to Stu for the poster campaign, even though it elicited no response (from new players, not from Stu). Phil was thanked and warmly applauded for his service.

4) Secretary's / Secretaries report

Alex reported that it had been a traumatic year and made reference to injuries, unavailability and irregular players which made the job hard but both he and Andy G were willing to carry on. Andy G raised the question of selection policy. Steve pointed out that that hadn't been an issue for a while. Andy G wanted confirmation that the captain could be approached. The meeting empowered the secretaries to approach whoever they wished. Dave recalled the policy of preference to paid up members. Alex criticised those present for not doing enough networking / introducing new players. He (Alex) cited his meeting of Ed Bailey - where Ed had been talked into playing within 10 minutes - as an example. No one thought to ask Alex if violence or weapons had been involved. Andy G asked whether cutting subs would attract new players or existing members to play more regularly. Stu felt that money was not an issue as people were 'cash rich but time poor'. There was general agreement that we needed youths. Richard Williams arrived. He offered to take over the minutes but received a withering look from his soon to be ex tenant.

5) The beers were got in (and out)

6) Treasurer's report

Stu led with his trump card - the £250 RBS donation - and was cheered to the rafters. Subs were healthy. Nets still made a loss, but less of a loss. This year we will save an extra £45 by not booking Easter Sunday (this was deemed pointless as only Dave turned up the previous year). However, Stu expected the cost of nets to rise again next year (by approx 10%) and he also estimated a £250 loss on nets this year. Matt Clarke entered with his friend, Derek. The meeting agreed that nets were a loss-leader, but how long should we go on subsidising this? There was a debate to increase net fees to £4. Stu countered by reminding the meeting that last seasons aim was to be less cash-rich (cue tutting from Messrs Birchall and O'Connor). Despite subsidising the tour and losing money on the cancelled Old Reps game we still made a profit of £31, though this was helped by not paying for the 2 Islington pitches. Richard suggested free nets. Steve asked what the point was of having money in the bank. Stu noted that little had been spent on kit and anticipated a rise in this area. Dave agreed to undertake a kit audit and report back. Tony enquired about insurance. Loud cheers. The clock read 9.27. Steve mentioned buying a helmet. More cheers. Stu agreed to check the Cricket Conference literature for any insurance obligations. Stu finished by proposing to keep things the same as last year (£15 subs, match fees £8 home, £5 Fridays / away, half-price for 2 games in a weekend, net fees £3 but free for first timers, £100 tour subsidy).

The proposal was carried unanimously as Tony forgot to abstain. Stu then resigned as he felt the Treasurer should be an active member. The meeting thanked him heartily for his efforts.

7) Captain's report

Dave echoed his comments from previous years that he felt we have a strong fixture list and that to be competitive we needed to punch above our weight. This didn't happen last year and moreover we frequently punched below our weight. He put this down to the march of time which resulted in members playing less regularly which affected continuity and team spirit as the side changed radically from week to week. He pointed out that we used approximately 48 players last season. The area that was affected the most was fielding and cited the Rose and Crown away game as the nadir where we gave a 2 hour 'disasterclass'. It was the next day that Dave decided to resign as he didn't know what to do anymore, felt he wasn't leading well and frustration was turning him into a right mardy-arse in danger of irrevocably upsetting someone. Dave finished by saying that the captaincy rotation had freshened things up in the short term and that all the locum skippers had done well, but that it was not a policy we should pursue. Steve said he had a more positive view.

Adrian commented on a dip in May after a good start. Andy G then launched into a monologue on the difference between pre-game catching practice and actual on-pitch events which ended with a proposal of a inter-Railway technique match where only boundaries would count. A terrified looking Adrian said no. The rest of the meeting felt that whilst the idea had merit in principal it didn't seem practical. There was a long discussion regarding fielding and team spirit and it was agreed that we weren't rubbish and that everyone needed to stand up and be counted. Alex stole Phil's thunder by thanking Dave for his service over the years.

8) The beers were got in

9) Fixture Secretary's report

Andy P received a ripple before he'd even said a word. He reported that all the regulars were there plus some new ones (Cinnamon Club, Wooton, Stumps, Aloysius) but no Bohemians. We hadn't pursued Cecil's offer of a game in Northampton. July 2nd was still free and earmarked for the 25th anniversary bun fight. Adrian and Andy J agreed to 'sort it'. Rumours circulated of Frank selling up. The Wytham issue (the village hall is booked the day we are due to play there) is unresolved at present.

Andy G asked if anyone had received 'the cactus spider e-mail'. The ensuing bewilderment meant Andy P didn't receive the hearty adulation he so richly deserved.

10) Election of Officers

Chairman: Stu was nominated. By everyone. Even Tony. Motion carried.

Treasurer: Ed Bailey was rumoured to have said that he would be flattered to be asked. He was duly and swiftly elected.

Fixtures Secretary: Andy P expressed a willingness to continue. The opportunity was taken to cheer him heartily. There was praise for Richard Williams for 'laying a model'.

Captain: Andy J was nominated. Matthew seconded the proposal. There was an enquiry as to the nature of Dave's resignation and whether the post was actually open (he had, it was). Dave was asked if he wanted to re-stand. Undoubtedly fuelled by the heady cocktail of Beck's and fraternal love Dave performed an astonishing u-turn and said yes. A discussion ensued regarding the merits of the candidates, dual captaincy and so on. Just as it seemed a skip-idol style vote off was looming Dave stated that whilst he was willing to stand, if Andy J wanted to be captain he (Dave) would withdraw. Andy James duly elected.

Vice Captain: Andy P nominated Dave. Adrian seconded. Andy J nominated Steve. Matthew seconded. A discussion ensued regarding the merits etc....before once again Dave stood down. Thus it came to pass that the James / Parr dream team was born to hearty cheers. Andy J made a short speech pledging to rediscover spirits.

11) New members

The following fine upstanding people were voted into the club: Martin Pirrong, E, J and S Reilly, Grant Steele, Raj Kapur, Nirm Kumar, Buster Stonham, Hazel Kilduff, Ken Paddison, Dave Segul.

The club reserved the right to have forgotten if some of the above were already members.
Alex expressed concern at Buster being 17 and was duly tasked with investigating any relevant legislation.

12) The Tavern Question

Stu felt this wasn't a big deal. The consensus was that the Railway wasn't a good pub and the Three Compasses was, but 'doing a deal' might prove tricky as we didn't always come back to the pub en masse or bring opposition. We moved on.

13) General disarray.

No one had anything to say.

14) AOB

The question of First Aid was raised. Alex and Dave stated they were qualified First Aiders. Dave agreed to audit the First Aid kits in the boot of his car. Andy P stated a desire for the 25th Anniversary game to be played naked. Adrian pleaded for input. It was suggested that Gary Sycamore could run his summer BBQ. Alex wanted a bouncy castle. Andy P noted that we didn't have a pitch at present. He was advised to check Ally Pally. Andy P asked where it was. Alex pointed out the window to the top of the hill. Adrian called Alex a twat. It was agreed that further discussion of the day's events were a non-starter until we had a pitch and an idea of numbers. We agreed to subsidise the day with £150 of club money. Tony felt that this shouldn't just be spent on beer. Alex wanted fireworks as they were loud and pointless. Dave opined that under those criteria we could just give Martin £150. Andy P wanted 25th Anniversary shirts. Adrian agreed to liaise with Ces re badge template (or Jacquard as Adrian insisted on calling it). Adrian felt there was a need to tidy the e-mail list. Alex was appointed controller of the definitive list.

Meeting closed approx 11.30pm.

Dave Terry