2007 AGM Minutes

Three Compasses
11th March 2007

Present: Andy Pacey, Andy Goddard, Andy James, Steve Parr, Stu Drysdale, Ed Bailey, Simon Clarke

Apologies: Cec, Dave Terry, Alex, Grant Steele, Ed Bailey (who both apologised and turned up)

Semi-apology: Pete Board (Stu met Pete earlier that day, asked if he wanted him to apologise on his behalf. Pete thought this reasonable. Stu actioned.)

1) The beers were already in. England had beaten France in 6 Nations. Man City were 1-0 down. Simon was ponderous and left to follow the second half.

2) Approval of 2006 minutes. Stu had read them. Steve had typed them up but couldn't remember anything. Ed was just happy to be out of Warrington. No-one had issues (allegedly).

3) Chairman's report

Stu said new membership was encouraging and social side of club going strong. Thought match reports on website worked well and encouraged all to send stuff to Steve for website. Proposed 2nd Tav pub crawl on 14th April in the Hornsey Triangle; Park Road, Tottenham Lane and Hornsey High Street, to include Wishing Well. Ed questioned wether Wishing Well was part of triangle and heated debate followed. Ed had clearly been starved of meaningful discussion over the previous week in Warrington and conceded that how much beer could be achieved was more the point. Stu was thanked.

4) Secretary's / Secretaries report

Andy G looked unprepared and shifty. Given the floor he fell silent. After a lengthy pause and some prompting from Stu, Andy summed up by saying the season had been ok, infact better than last year. Andy expressed his want to step down from Sec position, as had Alex by text. Andy and Alex were thanked for several years of stirling work.

6) Treasurer's report

Ed opened by explaining that he rather enjoyed taking money from Taverners and took the Pavlovian approach to his task. Much laughter and comments about salivating Taverners followed. It then became clear that Ed REALLY DID enjoy taking money from Taverners and there ensued several sideways glances his way. (Come one - it's not like he sticks his fingers in dogs' ears!) General discussion on current club outgoings followed. Andy J had done well to negotiate/intimidate the North Midd pitch fees down to what turned out to be an insubstantial increase on last year's rate, despite new ownership. Ed explained we have had more attendance at nets this year so they were less of a loss-leader than in 06. Steve mentioned that he had priced up and resourced new club kit. Stu's RBS contribution as usual helped club stay afloat and Ed felt there was no real need to increase away match fees. He said home fees could go up if need be but general consensus was that this would not be neccessary immediately (subject to review if cirumstances changed). Question of club subsidising tour accomodation came up. After long debate, all agreed that the £5-off-room-charge contribution made last year was unlikely to be behaviour-changing and decided instead to put the annual contribution towards a beer whip on tour. Definately not behaviour changing so we all knew where we stood there. Ed was thanked.

7) Captain's report

Andy enjoyed his first year and appreciated the support he'd received. He said he liked hearing suggestions from everyone on or off pitch ("wether bollocks or not"). This season's results weren't as good as they could have been but there were some strong individual games and good spirit. Sometimes our fielding let us down which may be a confidence thing. Andy expressed how important it was that while we are all able to take the p*ss out of each other, whilst on the pitch we should not be negative about our chances or to each other. Stu chimed in with the observation that negativity can give the opposition an advantage. Andy thought that the new guys who had joined and played last year were all good additions on and off the pitch and he hoped that we could carry the good spirit and positive attitude into more victories on the pitch. Ed observed that while he thought Andy a good captain and decent actor, he was very poor at the teapot pose. Andy was thanked.

8) The beers were got in

Simon reappeared briefly. Blackburn were still beating Man City. Ed alleged that Simon had earlier confessed that rugby and prize fighting were responsible for his rugged good looks. When pressed on this, Simon admitted sheepishly that he was indeed undefeated at prize-fighting. "Just how many prize fights have you had?", pressed Stu unfairly.

9) Fixture Secretary's report

Andy P dished out some nifty fixture sheets and everyone looked on amazed as he explained the colour schemes. Upshot was that for 4 fixtures we were still looking for pitches and for 1 we had a pitch but hadn't finalised opposition. Andy would be following these up and sending updates to Steve for website.

10) Election of Officers

All existing committee members were happy to continue in their existing roles bar Alex and Andy who were once again thanked for doing a thankless job. Existing members were nominated and seconded for their roles and potential candidates for new match secretary(s) discussed. Andy promised to touch up a few applicants. (May or may not be related but 24hrs later Ken kindly offered his services.)

11) New members

Nominated and seconded: Anthony Jagan, Hugh Evans, Chris Brookes, Dave Moody, Matt Oliver. Ed Bailey paid himself £15, thanked himself and thereby began 2007 subs.

12) The Great Tavern Question

General discussion on wether we drink there, continue with name etc etc. Steve said he felt a name change would be confusing to oppos. All agreed we generally drink in other places and have recently tended towards 3Cs. Issue of team/match sponsorship discussed. Feeling was that team sponsorship would not likely interest a new pub whilst keeping the existing name. Andy suggested making something of the Eastenders game as it attracted alot of interest and punters. Someone suggested a pub which will remain nameless might be interested in buying team kit bag with name on it and contributing for that one game and we could do a buffet and migrate all punters to their pub post-match. Stu would put it to them.

13) AOB

Simon returned again. Blackburn had beaten Man City 2-0.

Steve mentioned his sis in-law was looking to do some sports physio experience at a few Tav games this season which all agreed should be good though wether she had time enough to look at the endless pile of Tav injuries was a separate issue.

Ed mentioned something about liking "babes" but can't remember the context.

Meeting was closed around 6ish and several present said it had been the best yet. All agreed Ed had been a sensation and the Tavern's gain was Warrington's loss..

Steve Parr