2008 AGM Minutes

North Midd
13th Jan 2008

Present: Simon Clarke, Andy Pacey, Andy James, Steve Parr, Tony Alveranga, Ed Bartram, Adrian, Chris Brooks, Anthony Jagan

Apologies: Ed Bailey (Steve to give Treasury info), Stu (Simon to chair in absence), Hugh, Howard, Dave Terry, George Brazille-Smythe

1) Beers in.

2) Approval of 2007 minutes. Read and approved.

3) Chairman's report - no chairman to report

4) Secretary's / Secretaries report
Ed Bartram explained we'd been oversubscribed fairly regularly and explained selection process; committee members then paid up members, then various other factors like attendance at nets. All agreed he and Ken had done a good job last year.

6) Treasurer's report
No Treasurer so Steve tried to translate notes. Ed had mapped out different costing scenarios for pricing next year in order to match up money taken and spent on match day. Last year's game pricing: £8 (home), £5 (fridays), £6 (away). Steady loss on nets. Discussion on wether to make them pay ended with vote to increase to £5. Stu's firm's donation of £250 made a huge difference as before. Last year, kit was stocked up, which cost should be seen as being born over a few years rather than one (assuming everything lasts). All agreed to remove the tour subsidy (beer-kitty) this year as we didn't forsee there being as much in the bank this season. Discussion of different match fee options and vote taken - decided to increase home games to £9, Friday games remain £5 and away games £6.

[Cec arrived to much applause]

7) Captain's report
"It has been a good season with great atmosphere around the team both on and off the field. One of the reasons for this was the positive attitude players took into every game.

There had been times in the past when a big score had been posted against us when people would have been saying the game was lost before we had even started our innings. I can only remember one time last season when this happened and I don’t want to here it at all this season.

We could use a good spinner and a “genuine” fast bowler but I still really feel it is going be a fantastic season for the railway Taverners."

8) Beers in

9) Fixture Secretary's report
Andy P dished out fixtures sheet for season to date. Only remaining confirmation Friday 4th July. Discussion on how to formalise arrangements up to match day so that all players, oppo are up to date. Ed and Andy P agreed to do handover week before (ie. 7+ days) to give oppo Ed's details. Ed Bartram to decide on team by end of Thursday.

10) Election of Officers
El President - Cec, Chairman - Stu, Captain - Andy, Vice - Steve, Fixtures - Andy P, Match - Ed Bartram, Friday Match Sec/Tour Sec - Tony A, Treasurer - Ed Bailey (until he moves to France afterwhich Chris B).

11) New members Rosie (Ken's daughter)

12) AOB
Creche required this season? Tony A mentioned a mid-summer club event/fundraiser maybe at North Midd. Resolved to look into it. Steve reminded all about amazon website as it gets us income. Anthony J - mentioned some dangerous touring Guyanan side who would love to dispatch RTCC for a 20-20 game. Chris mentioned he would price up getting caps made. All were interested.

Steve Parr

(enormous caveat to all the above info - I was handed scribbled notes 3 months after the meeting from someone who did not deliver the goods. So minutes are an approximation of events interspersed with some genuine fact and feedback from those present - thanks, guys!)