2009 AGM Minutes

Moors Bar
23rd March 2009

Present: Simon Clarke, Ed Bailey, Andy Pacey, Andy James, Steve Parr, Tony Alveranga, Ed Bartram, Stu Drysdale, Adrian Birchall, Anthony Jagan, Sam Kankanange, Martin Pirongs

Apologies: Dave Terry, Hugh Evans, Andy Rose, Aiden Norris, Chris Brookes, Aymon Spee, George Brazille-Smythe

1) Beers in.

2) Approval of 2008 minutes. Read and approved.

3) Chairman's report
Good season, well attended xmas do, no more subsidy from bank but looking good generally.

4) Secretary's report
Ed Bartram "yeah, same as last year". Stu prodded further. Ed: well-subscribed season, with exception of a few away fixtures eg Kimpton. Ed had commitments that could limit availability in 2009 so would like someone who is playing to be contact at games he can't play. Andy P offered. Re: Kimpton - Stu said he felt responsible. Nuff said.

Man in: Tony A. Ripple of applause.

Ed thanked Tony A for dealing with Friday night games (Tony's dramatic arrival was apparently NOT a speech-enhancing plot device according to [theatrically-inclined] Ed). Ed continued that it would be good if players would arrange travel to away games between themselves rather than rely on match sec. All agreed.

5) Adopt Constitution
Steve submitted consitution that Adrian had unearthed from way back. After groans subsided, Steve explained this was requirement by particular banks in order to open a club account and proposed we agree on constitution and then open Halifax account in Crouch End with signatories Steve, Stu, Ed Bailey and Chris Brookes. All present agreed with a) contents of attached constitution and b) to open local bank club account.

Man in: Adrian. Big applause. Never missed an AGM. Stuff of legend.

6) Treasurer's report
Ed Bailey: Changes last season - no beer money sub on tour. Amazon raised some funds. Very little outgoings on kit. Kit donations prior to last season from Chris Cavill. Sam then offered new pair of pads for coming season. Gratefully received. Round of applause from all. Thankfully stopped short of "for he's a jolly good fellow". Nets 2009 - lower attendance than last year. 2009 kit requirements: Anthony J offered to audit bats, then pending result of that resource one or two bats for club bag. Martin suggested one of these should be long handle and all agreed. Big men of Tav. Match fees: 2008 fees were £9 home, £6 away. After impassioned plea from Ed to make his sums simpler, oh and to encourage more interest in away games, all present agreed to new prices: £9 home, £5 away, student/unwaged: 50%, membership £15, non-playing member £5. Everyone clapped. Not sure why. Just seemed right.

Tony A mentioned insurance. Those with AGM-experience howled with laughter. Those without wondered why. As usual, someone promised to follow up.

7) Captain's report
"There is no school like the old school. I enjoyed playing with most of you. Good team spirit. Started slow, ended in a storm. This season, we want more of the same." Jumpers for goalposts. Isn't it. No mention of need for a genuine fast bowler or good spinner following the Xmas do speech.

Someone congratulated Adrian on becoming an advanced open water diver then Stu announced a brief hiatus.

8) Beers in

9) Fixture Secretary's report
Andy P dished out a stunning colour-coded fixtures sheet. New this season - one two match weekend. All agreed to give it a go and see what response we get. Eastenders game discussed. Steve said he didn't think it worth playing unless oppo turned out a full side or gave us enough notice to make the numbers up in order to have competitive match. Andy P (3-0-12-4) had pencilled fixture in twice for this season already. Someone extremely near Andy muttered something about filling boots. Adrian recalled his stunning scalp with the ball that day. Stu resolved to contact Bill Frindall on the pressing issue of wether getting the same person out twice in the same game can count as two wickets for stats. Andy P swiftly changed the subject to new fixtures, two of them - The Village and Captain Scotts. Andy P also suggested that since GO comp didn't happen last year, we should consider a fixture that day instead. All agreed.

General discussion broke out: Martin asked if we should meet at 3Cs instead of Railway Tavern. Someone mentioned sponsorship. Martin suggested the obvious. Stu asked what the obvious was. Change name to 3Cs. Debate about Railway v 3Cs raged; bus routes to each, quality of booze, food, skittles v pool & darts etc. etc

Stu called for order which he got.

10) Election of Officers
El President - Cec, Chairman - Stu, Captain - Andy, Vice - Steve, Fixtures - Andy "ok, I'll do one more year" P, Match - Ed Bartram, Friday Match Sec/Tour Sec - Tony A, Treasurer - Ed Bailey. So in a nutshell, no change.

11) New members:
Andy Rose, Sam

12) AOB
Ed Bailey offered to contribute a captain's tankard and bring the post-match award back. Sam offered to contribute player of the year plaque. Anth J announced charity McMillan's 5-aside that he's organising (18th April) and suggested organising charity cricket day for same cause. Adrian offered to help with this.

Martin proposed making Friday night games more social in format; everyone bowls two overs, batting order out of the hat, bats retire at 25, rolling captaincy ("bollox" - Andy J), stats may or may not count towards season stats? Final point was discussed and (I think) agreed that stats would count. Andy P agreed to put this approach to oppos with a view to playing as many Friday fixtures as possible like this.

Simon mentioned a competition that we may want to enter next year. Martin demanded more veggie options in team teas.

Steve produced an RTCC team pic from 1991 featuring Simon, Joe Perry, Cec, Richard, Adrian, Dave T, Andy and many more. Youthful talent to a man. Stunning.

13) Copious beers. Cricket world was put to rights. Ed Bailey rugby tackled Anth J. No reason given.

14) Andy thanked everyone for coming and cashed up with a big cheesy captain's grin.
Steve Parr