2010 (1st) AGM Minutes

Moors Bar
28th March 2010

Present: Andy James, Steve Parr (in the chair), Ed Bailey, Ed Bartram, Dave Terry, Dean Shortt, Christopher Brooks, Tony Alveranga, Simon Clarke, Andy Pacey, Alex Woodcraft, Anthony Jagan, Adrian Birchall, Martin Pirongs, Mark Gugenheim, Sam Kankanamge

Apologies: Stu Drysdale

Point of order – placement of tables not satisfactory (Andy P)

1) Beers in.

2) Approval of 2009 minutes.

Read and approved.

3) Chairman's report (Steve P standing in)

No report. Xmas do was good, and season was fun.

4) Secretary's report (Ed Bartram)

All good last year. Selection process is:

Committee members first Dibs, then former committee members, people who’ve done a lot in the past and who are currently members, then paid-up members, who play a lot, go to nets a lot etc., then non-paid up new comers, and talent
Please note its not an exact science. Secretary has to bear in mind lots of things (eg people’s holidays, and extent to which people have put themselves out to do stuff), which is not always clear to everyone. Key thing is that the members trust process.

Guggi left in a hurry – he was late for an appointment.

5) Treasurer's report (Ed Bailey)

Net loss £548.35. We’d lost RBS £250, and then we donated to £150 to the North London Club due to collapsed roof.
A couple of good points: we’ll only lose £95 on this year’s nets - £100 better than last year. We’ve also got 8 match balls which will last for half the season.

Not clear what kit required for next year – probably only a bat or two for next season.

On Friday nights we break even; home games we use about £40, and away games it’s all over the place. CAMRA charged us for tea and tea afterwards. Income depends on which games are rained off.

Ed Bailey proposes playing members pay sub £20 instead of £15 currently; home games go up to £10 from £9, and away and Friday games increase to £6 from £5. As well as our loss this year, costs for pitches are increasing by about 10%. Non-playing members stay at £5. Tour is revenue neutral – we charge what it costs.

Everyone agreed to this.

Andy P suggested we get more members, particularly people who play a few games who aren’t members. Suggestions made that all players who come on tour should at least be social members. Ed Bailey says he does his best to this.

Ed Bailey concluded that things are going in the right direction, and we’re not yet in that bad a state. The plan is to break even, plus a little bit. It was felt that it was important to remind everyone to use the Railway tavern Amazon link to raise money. All you need to do is go to the club website and click on the icon. A certain amount of money above a threshold goes to the club account.

6) Captain's report (Andy J)

Capt enjoyed pre-season nets – could be a better turn out for Thursday nets. We started quite well, and then we started giving horrendous umpiring decisions which undermined things, and we lost the games. We should give the batsman the benefit of the doubt – unlike every other side.

Tony Alveranga suggested we structure who does umpiring.

Andy James said we’ve got an amazing bunch of guys, good cricketers and good spirit. And we don’t want to be playing teams which don’t have the same spirit. It’s going to be a great season.

7) Beers in

8) Fixture Secretary's report (Andy P)

Andy P said North Mid haven’t followed up on dates that they said were available, so there are a few dates at the beginning of the season where pitch and oppo aren’t sorted.

Steve mentioned that Wednesday’s worked well, and worth looking into in the future. Orwell’s and Tower Raven’s are not on the list any more. Andy P to see about Hadley Wood away.

Sam K arrived to great applause. Ed Bailey asked for his £20. Martin P asked about world cup final date, Chris Brooks got excited.

9) Election of Officers

Whiff of coup in the air – we wondered if Adrian could replace Cec as President as Cec doesn’t live locally. Agreed to put it to Cec – Simon to do this.

Stu happy to be Chairman again – AGM agreed.

Andy James approved as captain.

Steve Parr approved as vice-captain.

Andy P agreed to be fixtures secretary for next season. Martin Pirongs will shadow him for 2010, with a view to him taking over job in 2011. Agreed by AGM.

Ed Bartram standing down as match sec. Anthony J agreed to take over on Sundays. Tony Alveranga to keep on doing Friday matches. Approved by AGM.

Ed Bailey agreed to stay on as treasurer. Approved by AGM.

Chris Brooks agreed to be the new kit man, once it’s been established what we’ve got. He used to be the manager of a sports shop.

10) New members:

James Donovan, Aymon Spee, Mark Gugenheim, Aiden Norris, Raj Bavishi, Dean Shortt, Peter from nets nominated and approved.

Ed Bailey suggested first year players should pay £5 like social members. All agreed.

11) AOB

Umpiring – how do we improve our umpiring decisions? Steve P said he would research if there’s a DVD to look at this, and we’d look at a joint watching evening to share understanding.

Simon Clarke suggested we could link this to a fundraising night.

Cash expressed an interest in having an umpire.

Ed Bailey suggested website Teamer website for storing contacts, and selecting team etc. Simon said he would look into setting this up.

Martin very happy to organise the tour again – all clapped. Suggested possibly, having a minibus to transport people around.

Tony A talked about giving everyone a chance to bowl and bat on Fridays, but oppo didn’t get into spirit of it. Agreed we would only do that if oppo agreed to do that too – down to captain’s discretion to get everyone involved.

12) More beers.
Minutes taken by Ed Bartram