2010 (second) AGM Minutes

Moors Bar
1st Nov 2010

Present: Simon Clarke, Hugh Evans, Stuart Drysdale, Andy James, Ed Bailey, Martin Pirongs, Steve Parr, Ken Runciman, Aymon Spee, Anthony Jagan, Adrian Birchall, Tony Alveranga, Dean Shortt, Chris Brooks, Dracula (possibly Ed Bartram still in Hallowe’en costume).

Apologies: Dave Terry, Andy Pacey (stuck in the Lake District!?), Aiden Norris
Half apology: Mark Guggenheim

1) Beers in. Incomprehensive gag from Ed Bailey, mostly ignored.

2) Approval of 2010 (part one) minutes.

Read and approved with two amendments to apologies – Richard Williams and Hugh Evans sent apologies that were not recorded.

3) Chairman’s report

Stuart, unsure of whether it was covered in 2010 AGM part one, wanted it on record that the last Christmas do, held at Moors, was a great success. He also wanted to say thank you for the good turn out to the 2010 AGM (part two). Other than that he didn’t have much to say.

4) Captain’s report

Andy James began by complaining about his old age meaning that numerous niggles prevented him playing as regularly as he would have liked. He then went on to cite some of his 2010 highlights. He gushed about his admiration for the players he is seeing improving year on year, giving Chris Brook’s continuing improvement which was epitomised by his fine bowling on tour. He went on to add that his batting needed some work. He said he was proud to captain such a fine group of men including old friends and new, and took his old age status up a peg by mentioning Hugh Evans (age 29) as a fine example of the youth policy working wonders. Andy was very pleased with the result of a winning season, and put it down to not just cricket ability (which is nicely varied) but a strong team spirit where we have learnt from mistakes and instead of shooting ourselves in the foot, have shown strength in character to win games we might once have thrown away. One thing he would like to see improvement is in attendance at nets as often it is the ‘usual suspects’ who turn up week in week out. He hopes more will come along next time. Overall he looks forward to another winning season for the Tavs next year.

5) Secretary’s report

Anthony Jagan on completing his first term as Secretary felt that generally things went well, and stated he would be happy to continue in the role. It was agreed that the policy agreed in the last AGM was working, and everyone who was dropped understood and the system was fair. On a less positive note, he wanted to make it clear that the new Google List setup by Alex Woodcraft to make communication easier, had suffered some misuse of late, and wanted to remind members that this list should be used only for cricket matters.

*Round of applause to thank Anthony for his sterling efforts throughout the season*

6) Beers in.

7) Treasurer’s report

Ed Bailey began by announcing the club had a net loss of -£359.17. He attributed this largely to the 3 games where we cancelled too late meaning no subs were collected from the players, but the fee was incurred regardless. This meant a loss of £600 in total. It was agreed that this was particularly unusual, and normally one a season may be expected, not three. It was agreed that pitch bookings needed to be better documented to ensure there was clarity, and avoid disputes over bookings that led to one of the penalties last year. When it emerged that Ed Bailey had been personally financing the cashflow of the club and had been £600 out of pocket half way through the season while he waited for money to come in. It was agreed this should not continue and club finances needed to increase. Therewith the following changes in match fees for next season were unanimously agreed:

Friday games: Home and Away: Down from £6 to £5
Sunday games: Home: Remains at £10 Away: Increased from £6 to £10

Stuart ‘Vorderman’ Drysdale mumbled some sums and decreed this could lead to an overall increase of approximately £480 next year.

Kit inspection showed that there was a need for 2 new bats. It was agreed Ed Bailey, Chris Brooks, and Hugh Evans (honorary batsman) would arrange this. If anyone else is interested in buying a bat personally, they should contact one of these people, as buying in bulk could bring the price down.

Unanimous agreement that Annual Subs remain at £20 for full members, and £5 for social members, although it was noted that Stu was the only social member who declared themselves and paid up last year.

Stuart reminded everyone that the Amazon link is a great way of raising cash for the club. Every time you buy on Amazon, if you click to the site from this URL then you make the club money:

In Association with Amazon.co.uk

Ed finally wrapped up by saying thank you very much to everyone who collected match fees at games he was not present, with particular mention to Andy Pacey who was often first to volunteer and did a great job.

8) Beers Out.

9) Beers In.

11) Election of Officers (it was decided this would be bumped up a slot in the agenda)

Officers elected unanimously as follows:

Chairman: Stuart Drysdale
Captain: Andy James
Vice Captain: Steve Parr
Secretary: Anthony Jagan
Friday Secretary: Tony Alveranga
Fixtures Secretary: Martin Pirongs
Treasurer: Ed Bailey

Whilst not an official committee role, Hugh Evans agreed to organise the tour, thus putting the role of ‘Tour Fines Officer’ up for grabs.

10) Fixture Secretary’s report (newly appointed Fixtures Secretary, Martin standing in – hence the change in order on the agenda)

Martin furnished the AGM with the fixtures list and requested views on fixtures – ones that should be resigned or may resign us, and ones that could be added.

Fixtures that could be lost:

The Village – after failing to raise enough players to make this fixture it was thought that this could lead to them wanting to resign us. Andy James agreed to make a call to secure the fixture as it seems like it would be a good one.

CAMRA away – it was agreed that the timing of having the fixture just before the tour was not ideal, so it was requested that the fixture be moved. They are a good bunch of lads and regularly visit us, so it was agreed it should be kept, despite problems getting a team together in the past.

Fixtures that could be added:

A 30th Anniversary fixture in 2011. A sub-committee of Adrian Birchall, Andy James, Simon Clarke, Steve Parr and Ken Runciman elected to organise as it is such a momentous occasion.

Hugh had been approached by a South London Roaming team but couldn’t remember their name. He will pass details to Martin in due course.

Wootton (from the Oxford Tour) have shown an interest in visiting us. Martin to investigate.

With Eastenders charity fixture falling off the list last year, Andy James agreed to discuss with Perry about putting it back on but it was agreed that if there was a conflict on fixtures that the 30th Anniversary day should come first.

After a popular impromptu Wednesday night fixture last season it was discussed that some more could be added on weeks where there is no Friday game.

Simon Clarke distributed information on Last Man Stands by email prior to the AGM. It was agreed that it could be an exciting turn in Tavern History if enough interest was shown by members, but would probably have to be self-financing and be a breakaway from normal Tavern procedure and governance. Andy James offered Moors Bar sponsorship to pay for the joining fee, and supply as much free drink as was required (that last bit might not actually have been said by Andy). There was the suggestion it may be a ‘Moors Bar’ team rather than a ‘Railway Taverners’ venture. Simon and Andy James agreed to gauge interest and organise.

The report concluded with a round of applause for outgoing Fixture Secretary Andy Pacey, whom everyone agreed had done an excellent job.

Unofficial and unscheduled beers out and in. An unusual break in Stuart’s otherwise immaculate order.

12) New members

Two new members were proposed and approved:

Steve Barnes (SCO)
Dave Aitkens

13) AOB

Christmas do venue and date agreed as Moors Bar on Friday the 3rd December.

Kit storage is currently at the 3Cs but as the Taverners have stopped frequenting the establishment as often it seems more fitting to look to change the venue to the Railway Tavern if they will allow us. This is also more convenient for away games as this is where we meet. Andy James is to enquire with the Railway.

On the subject of kit, there was some debate about where some of it had gone. Chris Brooks is going to check at North Mid.

Facebook page – It was thought that a Railway Taverners page would be a good social forum and place for the Taverners old and new to share photos old and new. Hugh agreed to create one and asked that when created, members share the link with all taverners on and off Facebook.

In light of the discussion around the Google list being misused, it was touted that a second list for social discussion may be appropriate. Hugh agreed to enquire with Alex if this was possible.

It was raised that new shirts to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the Taverners should be made up. The Anniversary sub-committee agreed to include this in their arrangements. The slogan ’30 years of pain never stopped me drinking’ was voiced as a suggestion for the shirts.

Kash has kindly volunteered to Umpire for us next season when not playing. It was mentioned that he could be available to umpire as many as 60% of games. It was agreed this would be of outstanding value and was greatly appreciated.

Aymon was praised for his cold beer contributions at games over the past couple of years. It was pointed out that drinking Taverners should contribute money for beer drank on such occasions.

There was a proposal to move the venue for Winter nets to East Finchley. It was agreed this may be preferable if a block booking was possible. Anthony Jagan agreed to investigate.

The final point of the evening was tentatively raised and energetically debated. The proposal was for the Captaincy and Vice Captaincy to rotate every 3 years allowing for a positive and frequent regeneration of the club. There were many positive reactions to the idea, as well as some cautious cross examination of the proposal. Dean, as a relatively new member of the club, poignantly interjected to say that it would be helpful to know who the future leaders of the club might be as this will both help new members know who to go to for advice as well as provide insight to members for future elections. After much discussion, the following points were agreed:

- Every 3 years with effect as of the end of next season, there will be a presumption that the Captain and Vice Captain will stand down (although it is not mandatory) and an election will take place.

- The same will apply to the vice-captaincy.

- Those wishing to fill in during next season in the absence of both Captain and Vice Captain, should approach Anthony Jagan by email.

14) More beers in. Andy invented a shot called the AGM. Minutes-taker left. The rest went un-minuted.
Minutes taken by Hugh Evans