2012 AGM Minutes

North Middlesex CC
12th Nov 2012

Present: Tony Alveranga, Ed Bailey, Chris Brooks, Simon Clarke, Stuart Drysdale, Hugh Evans, Anthony Jagan, Andy James, Sam Kankanamge, Steve Parr, Andy Rose, Ken Runciman, Aymon Spee, Dave Terry .

1) Get the beers in - beers were got in

2) Minute taker - Mr Clarke volunteered to take the minutes.

3) Apologies were received from: Richard Williams, Andy James, Rajat Lal, Martin Pirongs and Alex Woodcraft.

4) Approval of 2011 AGM minutes - Mr Denniss's minutes from last year were unanimously approved.

5) Chairman’s remarks – Mr Drysdale explained that he had downgraded the Chairman's Report of previous agendas to mere introductory remarks this time. With admirable brevity he asked for a 'smooth' meeting and moved directly on to the next item.

6) Secretary’s report – Mr Evans said that the year had contained both highlights and lowlights. A smirking audience was informed that 'hugh's tool' (as the ArrangeMyGame.com match availability software has become known) had caused some problems at first, but latterly seemed to have been 'going down well'. The new Android and iPhone apps would make life easier.

Denying responsibility for the appalling weather in the early part of the season, Mr Evans said that after so many cancellations, interest had waned to about 7 or 8 regulars and it had not been easy to get full teams out. The mini-recruitment drive midseason had helped, but would need to be continued in the coming year.

A final lowlight was the number of late dropouts from games, but on a positive note the extra cricket arranged in October was very welcome.

Mr Rose (Midweek Fixture supremo) continued a recent tradition by arriving just in time for the Secretary's report. Echoing Mr Evans, he said the tool had been useful, if only as a first port of call. If only 7 or 8 players replied then chasing emails still had to be sent out. It had been a struggle to get teams out for evening games, not helped by some late cancellations due to weather. North Middlesex, in particular, had postponed decisions till the last minute, even when incessant rain had rendered play very unlikely.

Mr Alveranga suggested that late dropouts from games should be expected to help find replacement players. Mr Evans added that filling in availability too far in advance (ie the whole season) should be avoided. It was also noted that players nominated as 12th man had ended up playing on all but one occasion.

Finally, on the subject of the tour, the struggle to find enough players this year was noted. Amid a general hubbub of disussion about touring, the Olympics, player demographics, Oxford as a venue, etc, no particular problem was identified and no significant alternative proposed.

Heartfelt thanks were offered to the two match secretaries.

7) Get the beers in - steeling itself for items ahead, the meeting jointly and severally provisioned itself with copious further supplies of alcohol.

8) Treasurer’s report - Mr Alveranga distributed a five page document of financial details. The club had finished the season with 777.09 in the bank, a loss of approximately 240 on the year, continuing the trend of recent years. He pointed out that nets had paid for themselves to within 3, a historically good result, mentioning Mr Jagan's negotiations with the Indoor School, and warning that costs will increase next year. The system of block prepayments for nets at a discount were deemed a success. Mr Parr suggested paying for a coach to attend nets at least a couple of times during the winter and this was agreed.

For evening matches, it had proved more convenient to collect 6 per player rather than 5, in order to cover immediate expenses. Mr Alveranga suggested that the fees for next year should provisionally be set to 20 subs, 10 weekend matches, 6 evening matches, and that an EGM be arranged before the start of the season, to make a final decision on these numbers, taking into account the fixture list and level of pitch fees etc. After brief discussion, this proposal was readily accepted by the meeting.

Kit spend was likely to be low again next year, with only the need to replace anything broken. Mr Brooks itemised the current kitbag. We need match balls, keepers gloves, 1 or 2 bats, and a big new bag to carry it all. On a show of hands it appeared that 60% of the club own their own bats. The other 40% lobbied hard enough to ensure an agreement that the club should carry three bats. Chris Brooks claimed to be able to buy two decent bats for 100, and the matter was left there!

Mr Alveranga continued his survey of the club's finances. The 200 spent on umpire courses for five Taverners (originally 6) had been worthwhile.

The Chairman at this point asked for clarification of some of the profit and loss figures. He couldn't see how the numbers presented could add up to the final net profit (loss) figure given. Mr Alveranga explained that due to the effects of the weather, we had played many more (lossmaking) home games than (profitable) away games. Mr Drysdale accepted this but still pursued his point. Eventually it became clear that the figure given as match pitches, teas etc, was net of both match fees and subscriptions, and all was well.

The treasurer concluded by suggesting a club fundraising event, and thanking those who had helped collect monies during the season. He was rewarded by loud and prolonged applause. Mr Runciman, seemingly awoken by the noise, roused himself to propose a vote of thanks (qualified) to the treasurer. This resulted in a second, if smaller, ovation, for Mr Alveranga.

[Notes: Precise account balances, not available on night of meeting, were: 28/11/2011: 1100.85 (500.85 account balance plus 600 paid out for Finchley nets). 12/11/2012: 777.09. The 200 spent on Umpire Courses was agreed by the RTCC committee, subsequent to the 2011 AGM]

9) Beers were got out

10) Beers were got in

11) Captain’s Report – Mr Parr began by thanking the committee for their efforts during the year, describing them as 'low-maintenance' and 'slick'. He continued his inaugural Captain's address to the club in a wide-ranging speech:

The ECB Umpire Course had been very good. He recommended it and wondered if one of it's effects had been to reduce incidents of dissent during games. And it had given Chris Brooks countless chances to show off his ECB badge.

The new Indoor nets venue had been a success. The facilities were better, and it was a bonus not to have to waste netting time in set up/down.

Relationships are good with our host clubs North Middlesex and North London. Midweek nets at N Mid have been good, and the club bought a gift for groundsman 'skippy' at the end of the season for his efforts. The extra games in October were worthwhile.

The tour had been a highlight. Tight on numbers, but we managed a full eleven for each game. A particular highlight was Mr Clarke's friend Kevin guesting for us after many years away from the game, and outscoring most of the Taverners present.

We have strong relationships with many opponents. While our connection with Rose & Crown is not as close these days, as their personnel has changed, we are on very friendly terms with the likes of Pimlico, Bohemians and Beamers.

Hugh's tool has proved a success. It gives us a better picture of membership and helped identify the need for the recruitment drive midseason. Speaking of which, Seth, Jeet, Matthius and Johan had all been very welcome recruits.

Onfield, apart from the weather, there are a number of things we can improve on:
- fitness (there are very few Taverners who can both run and throw)
- fielding drills (beneficial, especially high catches... nine catches held v Bohemians was stunning!)
- communication between batsmen is very bad
- we should rotate the strike more when chasing targets
- bowling was hurt by loss of Ed "yorkshire metronome" Bailey last season
- injuries (often 2 or 3 bowlers unable to bowl due to injury)

On the plus side:
- Alex and Andy J bowling in tandem against Sam's XI was a highlight
- 4 batsmen with 400 runs this season, first time ever

Mr Parr finished by extolling the virtues of helping and teaching new players at nets, and practising before matches.
Warm and prolonged applause followed.

12) Fixture Secretary’s report – (In the absence of Mr Pirongs, Chairman Drysdale presented a brief report on his behalf as follows):

- The job of fixing the imbalance between home and away fixtures in early/late season has begun.

- Happy to repeat all fixtures with possible exception of Warwick Castle (who apparently left immediately after the game).

- Ilford Catholics were good oppo - we have a synagogue in line for next year!

- Bentley Heath failed to get XI together, but good fixture worth pursuing.

- Carpenters Arms - lets get a team out next year!

- Tour pencilled in for 26-28 July next year

- Mr Pirongs is standing down but offers support to next year's incumbent

- Suggestion of adding photo of scorebook to augment match details on website

13) Election of Officers

Tour Organiser – In the absence of Andy Pacey, or any other volunteers, Andy Pacey was volunteered again in his absence.

14) New Members - Mattias Winter, Jeet Basak, Seth Jones and Craig Gaffney were all proposed, seconded and elected as new members.

15) AOB

Recruitment – There was a discussion about our recruitment needs. It was agreed that everyone should try to get involved in finding new players. Mr Drysdale wanted to establish if we were at a point where a 'gang' of young players would be needed, or whether we could continue recruiting players piecemeal. A long discussion followed. It appeared to be the consensus that we do not need a big influx of players, but must all redouble our efforts next year.

Xmas Do - provisionally booked for 7th December.

Winter Nets – Early booking would make more convenient time slots available. It was agreed that Monday nights were the preferred night and that 8pm would be better for most than 9pm. It was generally agreed that coaching at nets would be a good thing, for at least some sessions, and that a coach could be hired per session from the indoor school. There was support for the idea of using one of two nets for throwdowns and similar, at least some of the time.

There being no further business, Mr Drysdale declared the meeting closed and made his way to the bar.

Minutes taken by Simon Clarke